The JubileeWoods is a business support organisation offering advice, support and information for those with an involvement or interest in the wood industry.

JubileeWoods is a project which aims to create 100 new woods of 100 acres or more in celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. JubileeWoods assists other organizations and schools to arrange their tree planting events. This is just one of their projects.

JubileeWoods aims to grow the low carbon economy that will create sustainable jobs and increased investments. They look at all type of investments in wood, including information explaining what a ‘Real Estate Investment Trust – REIT’ is and how it works. They comment on the advantages and risks in both domestic and international REITs.

At JublieeWoods they provide information to those who want a career in wood-work. They help you to comply with necessary regulations and for those starting out, they help you choose the right path for your career.

Another of their projects is the promotion of wood as a sustainable material choice in construction. Not only does wood have a unique beauty, it is excellent value for money and its ability to be renewed means each tonne of timber used, instead of other building materials like steel, brick and cement, saves approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide making it a natural choice for health and well-being.

JubileeWoods promotes woodland management, advising on felling licences, mapping, trees, wildlife, conservation and invasive species management for those who have invested in forestry as a long-term investment. This includes information about coppicing, the timing of tree felling, waste management and legislation.

For those who wish to work with wood, they provide guidance on the uses of felled wood, posts, peelers, pointers, charcoal, chipping waste wood, mobile sawmills, logging, green woodworking and more.

When working with wood, you want the best tools. JubileeWoods helps wood-workers about equipment care and maintenance from chainsaw maintenance to the right hand tool for the job through to training courses and certificates

Business support

JublieeWoods offers business support in a number of different areas as they understand that some business obligations can appear intimidating. JubileeWoods offers general guidance to ensure legal and contractual business obligations are met in the following areas:


Technical Woodworking Support

At JublieeWoods they have a growing resource library to help you solve technical issues within the woodworking and joinery industry. This includes issues including national and EU building regulations and coatings to help overcome difficulties in design, timber species, regulations, standards and much more.

For more complex issues they can link you to industry experts to help you with resolving disputes, including expert witness statements.

JubileeWoods is also committed to promoting wood products with technical support for architects, specifiers and contractors.

Health & Safety

Handling, slips and trips account for most injuries in the wood business with many accidents caused by contact with moving machinery. At JubileeWoods they support employers to ensure their employees can work safely. The Health and Safety Executive has calculated that for a serious or major injury, the typical cost to employers is approximately £19,000.

The fee for intervention, introduced by the HSE in 2012, means that if your workplace is in ‘material breach’ of health and safety laws, even if there has been no accident, you are liable for recovery of the HSE’s costs for any inspection, investigation and enforcement action that is undertaken.

Should a business end up in court due to health and safety offences, including corporate manslaughter, the Sentencing Council will take into consideration company directors found to have been consenting or neglectful in relation to a Health and Safety offence among other things. If found guilty, businesses can face unlimited fines and prison sentences up to two years. Fines are based on company turnover, meaning businesses with a turnover of more than £50 million could face fines of up to £10 million for health and safety offences and £20 million for corporate manslaughter.

Environmental and Waste Management

Ar JublleeWoods they encourages businesses to reduce their environmental impact and to manage resources in an efficient and sustainable way, to ensure that wood continues to be recognised as the most sustainable mainstream construction product. These include anything from chain-of-custody certification schemes and engineered components for window and door production, to waste management and resource efficiency plans for the joinery industry.

Information is also available to help wood businesses achieve ISO14001 and get FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody certification, which will ensure that the products that they supply originate from a legal and sustainable source.

They provide information about the use of wood waste, whether for panel board manufacture or for biomass energy.

Quality Management

Quality management systems in business are essential. They cover the procedures put in place to allow a manufacturer to maintain consistency in quality and to keep records of non-conforming products, processes or materials, in order to make improvements. Systems can be developed through experience or by following a set of formal principles. Having a written factory production control (FPC) system is an example of a quality management system.

Certification and Testing

All manufacturers of construction products which are covered by European standards were legally required to have a written FPC system in place by 2013 as a mandatory part of CE marking. At JublieeWoods they help businesses reach compliance to official regulations in an uncomplicated manner.

Market Research

Their market research helps companies plan for future growth with research conducted by a large number of organisations looking at the broad range of wood industry data.

Meet the Jubilee Woods' team

The staff team works hard to support your business in every way whether you are a sole-trader working from home or a large company with scores of employees.

Kristopher Mort

Chief Executive

Kristopher has overall responsibility for the JubileeWoods’s operations and direction, ensuring that the organisation has flexibility to meet the changes within the wood markets.

Sandra Larrabee

Membership and Finance Director

Sandra manages the finance department and membership administration. Sandra is the key contact for membership application and fee enquires, oversees the membership services offered and deals with all membership enquiries and training queries, general invoicing and other financial queries.

Brett Flock

Technical Executive

Brett works to drive standards for the advancement of our industry and offers advice through the technical helpline.

Missy McWhorter

Technical Manager

Missy has responsibility for handling some stair and fire door technical enquiries as well as other technical work when Brett is out of the office on committees discussing the advancement of the wood industry.

What Members Say About Jubilee Woods

"Any joiner has a set of tools. One of the tools that you should have, is the JubileeWoods"
Gregory Lord
"We are ahead of the game, we know what is going on in the industry"
Eva J.
"There is always a worry about what you don't know and we felt that coming to an industry organisation, we can ask questions and find how deal with them"
Suzanne Peltz
"I think its a great membership to be part of"
John Doe
"We've easily had our moneys worth from the support and advice we have had."
Thomas Logue