Inexpensive Woodworking Small Business Ideas 2017

Making or carving items from wood opens up the opportunity to start your own small business focused on your woodworking skills. From creating bespoken kitchen cabinets to a personalised ornament, you can turn a hobby into a profitable business without needing to spend a lot of money up front.

Here are listed 10 small woodworking business ideas for you to consider in 2017.



1. Sell equipment and supplies to carpenters

Consider starting a business that sells various woodworking equipment and supplies. With your knowledge of woodworking you can grow your small business with excellent customer service.

2. Sell your own work online

Internet sales allow you to create your wood craft from home and sell internationally. Make items that you can sell in volume on Etsy, a Facebook shop or via your own website.

3. Outdoor woodworking

If your woodworking skills are in the construction of outdoor items such as cabins, yurts, decking, railings, geodomes etc., you may need to hire others on a contract basis to help you.

4. Open a woodwork retail store

For larger items such furniture, business ideas include a retail store alongside an online store. The right location is vital, so choose a shop that is easy to find, has good parking and is highly visible.

5. Indoor furniture

Indoor furniture such as kitchen cabinets, storage boxes, sofas, cupboards can have a higher profit margin than smaller items. Create bespoke furniture for unusual spaces or furniture in an unusual style.

6. Construction woodwork

Construction woodworkers are in high demand to help with installation of the roof, floors and doors. Make sure these people know you are available for work on a contractual basis.

7. Start a woodworking blog

Provide relevant and helpful information to other woodworkers online with articles and videos. Once you have built a large audience of readers, you can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, direct adverts and more.

8. Tutorials

Those with good communication skills and a lot of patience can start up a small business as a tutor at the local college or community centre.

9. Corporate woodwork

Become a specialist and use your woodworking skills to create items specifically for the corporate trade to include desks, cabinets and bespoke items.

10. Repair and maintenance

Create a small business repairing damaged wooden goods. These may be highly specialist skills, but the returns are good.